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The targets of his jokes were often the socially vulnerable, including the elderly, the handicapped, the poor, children, women, the ugly and the stupid.Complaints to the broadcaster led to censorship of some of Kitano's jokes and the editing of offensive dialogue.After several small acting roles, he made his directorial debut with 1989's Violent Cop and garnered international acclaim for Sonatine (1993).

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Kitano said that he was happy with his performance and snuck into a showing of the film to see how the audience would accept him as a serious actor instead of a comedian.

He was devastated when the audience burst into laughter upon his appearing on screen, but vowed to stick to serious and dark characters in film.

In 1976, they performed on television for the first time and became a success, propelling their act onto the national stage.

The reason for their popularity had much to do with Kitano's material, which was much more risqué than traditional manzai.

Many of his films express a bleak or nihilistic philosophy, but they are also filled with humor and affection for their characters.

Kitano entered Meiji University and studied engineering, before dropping out at age 19.

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In October 2017, Kitano's completed his Outrage crime trilogy with the release of Outrage Coda.

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