Who is james mcavoy dating now

The show was a complete flop and was axed, leaving the presenter devastated.She later recalled: “Quite late on in my career I had a particularly bad ‘turkey’.

“My dad thought my grandparents would give me stability, which they did, but I’d be sent to Paris to see my mum in the holidays, and we’d swan off to Verbier to ski from when I was about four, and I’d get horribly spoilt.” Davina recalled: “I thought I was ugly and fat.

I missed my mum, felt confused, so stopped eating for attention.” By then she was living with her father and his new wife, and a friend of the family helped the youngster eat well again.

Instead, Davina was sent to live with Andrew’s parents for the next decade until he was settled again.

She has explained: “My mum was a gorgeous Sixties chick, into having a wild time, who wasn’t around.

But 17 years on, Davina is facing a rocky, emotionally gruelling road ahead — yet again.

From a childhood where she felt rejected by her parents, to drug addiction, anorexia and career ­disappointments, the former Big Brother host, 50, has endured enough turbulence for several lifetimes.She once confessed: “From the age of about 18 to 24, I went out clubbing a lot and took things to keep going. “You name it, I took it — cocaine, ecstasy, even heroin although I never injected.” Opening up about deciding to get clean, she has recalled: “I’d lost all the good people. I’m not going to stand around and watch it any more.’ ” It was the wake-up call she needed and by 25 she was clean of drugs and now neither smokes nor drinks.“There was one person left, and she was the one that said to me, ‘Look, we all know that you’re a junkie . It was at this point that her TV career started to take off.This followed a very brief first foray into marriage in 1997 when she was wed to actor Andrew ­Leggett for just a matter of months.She later explained: “I fell madly in love, but it was wrong, so I got out quick.” The following year she got it wrong again by dating bad-boy ­former Liverpool footballer Stan ­Collymore at the same time that he was seeing Ulrika Jonsson.Meanwhile her dad, who Davina has called her “rock”, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


  1. In the wake of that opening night, Jolson was given a position in the show's cast.

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  3. Thirdly, shyness ruled my childhood, never dating back then thanks to intimidation.

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  7. A teacher's world is torn apart when his wife and children are brutally murdered at the hands of a ruthless gang.

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