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The Department's research contributions have received numerous awards, including recognition from the American Marketing Association and the Emerald Literati Network.Most Group members serve as editorial or review board members of international journals.Each year the Department hosts a theory-meets-practice lecture series offering fertile ground for exchanging ideas with top managers from national and international companies and for identifying marketing topics that move the needle.

Research efforts take into account firms' increasing demand for information and communication technologies that help them optimize the interfaces between value-adding activities, particularly those embedded in inter-organizational networks.

To support managerial decision-making, the Department's research employs state-of-the-art experimental, econometric, and modeling techniques.

Pluto, the last planet, is so far away in the real planet-system that it had to 'go' outside town, into the town's forest, where you'll find it near the famous Bismarck-Tower.

It´s a good idea to bring a bottle of water with you, because after walking through the city the way goes uphill.

This paper describes fundamental aerodynamic concept studies and related cascade experiments in support of a future highly loaded high-pressure turbine architecture.

Details of the first out of two builds featuring an engine representative single-stage HPT is described in detail.Members of the Department intensively cooperate with leading universities worldwide such as the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the US, Northwestern University in the US, the University of Queensland in Australia, Massey University in New Zealand, and Ghent University in Belgium.All researchers closely partner with companies from diverse industries in order to assure high managerial relevance of their research.For the small to medium thrust range of modern aero engines, highly loaded single-stage HP turbines facilitate an attractive alternative to a more conventional 2-stage HPT architecture.Within the German government funded LUFO-3 programme "Transonic Single Stage High-Pressure Turbine", a substantial activity towards the development and test of supersonic aerodynamic technology for single stage turbines was launched in 2003.Please refer to "Ticket inspection on board the train" for further details. Please print it out and present it to the ticket inspector on board the train (make sure that the barcode and background graphics are clearly visible on the printout). Import the ticket into the DB Navigator app before you travel and show the ticket inspector the opened ticket in the app (on your smartphone or tablet; barcode must be fully visible with the background light switched on).


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  3. Philippe de Mezières, chancellor of the King of Cyprus, drew up the statutes of an Order of the Passion of Christ (1360) the text of which has recently been published, but which were never enforced.

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