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A family is grieving for a young man whose life has been taken from him in the most brutal of fashions, and we owe it to him and his family to find the person or persons responsible.Mr Peiris shared a house with other Sri Lankans and had no known enemies.

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Sheffield Domestic Abuse Forum A multi-agency partnership of voluntary and statutory sector agencies working together to combat domestic abuse.

Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service A specialist women-only service offering free and confidential counselling and support to empower women and girls who have experienced rape or sexual abuse at any times in their lives.

He clearly isn’t fit to sit on the Women and Equalities Committee.

He must stand down from that committee immediately and if he doesn’t, Jeremy Corbyn must take action to remove him.

Please contact us if you would like to be added to our organisations page.

The following organisations may be of interest to feminists: The Chat Not for profit, Sheffield based, organisation providing parenting and sex education workshops for parents and children looking at sexualisation and the media and ways to combat it’s influence.

They are leading the ‘It’s not my bag’ campaign, supporting young women to say no to ‘porn sex’, a term coined by teenagers to describe sex that lacks mutual pleasure and consent, imitates hard core porn and is degrading.

DEWA Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement Supporting women across Sheffield.

Hassan Natheer, 25, who lived with him, said: ‘He was a calm and kind person.

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