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Sometimes the terms “sexual abuse” and “sexual assault” are used interchangeably with “sexual violence.” Generally, sexual abuse refers to the repeated sexual violation of a child by a family member or other.

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Yet, it’s unclear whether there is a shared understanding of what it means, and when it should be applied.

Many victim service providers describe their work as being “trauma-informed,” and yet it remains unclear whether there is consensus, or lack thereof, on what trauma-informed services encompass.

Giving in to coercion is not the same as giving consent!

The term “trauma-informed” has evolved into a frequently used buzzword across a wide variety of disciplines and sectors.

While statistics can provide valuable information, they must be reviewed with a critical eye.

Statistics are often taken out of a fuller context and may not provide the clearest picture.

SVJI will explore the trauma-informed landscape through carefully crafted methodology and then provide OVW a written report of findings that can inform their own work and decision making.

SVJI will be collecting and reviewing data until the summer of 2015.

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Sexual violence is the use of sexual actions and words that are unwanted by and/or harmful to another person.

Undocumented immigrants face unique challenges, because their abusers often threaten to have them deported if they try to get help.


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