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This is a review of common treatments used for advanced cancer.

More details on treating certain types of advanced cancer can be found in our information on that specific cancer type.

Treatment choices for advanced cancer depend on where the cancer started and how much it has spread.

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Others might decide that the side effects or other burdens of aggressive cancer treatments outweigh the possible benefits, so they may no longer want this type of treatment.

This may be hard for some of your loved ones to accept, but you have the right to make this decision.

Something can almost always be done to help maintain or improve your quality of life.

The goal of any cancer care is to give you the best possible quality of life.

You have the right to be the decision-maker in planning your treatment.

Some people might want to continue cancer treatments as long as there’s a chance they may help.

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Advanced cancer that can’t be cured, often still can be treated.

But radiation, chemotherapy (and other drugs), surgery, and other treatments can often slow cancer growth and help control symptoms.

And relieving symptoms like pain, constipation, upset stomach, and vomiting can help you feel better.

Still, they might also be needed to help prevent or relieve certain symptoms.


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