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These provisions state those ministerial authorities that the Minister cannot delegate as well.

Such ministerial authorities would typically relate to national interest or security certificates.

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Officers might require additional information on processing applications for sponsoring members of the family class. The Program Objectives The objective of the family class program is to facilitate the reunion of Canadian citizens and permanent residents with their close relatives and family members in Canada.

The Act and the Regulations The following table provides details on the legislation concerning the members of the family class.

As soon as the offices receive the application forms, they will need to date-stamp these applications.

For more details on the lock-in date, officers would need to refer to OP 1 – the General Processing Guidelines.

For more details on the aspects that constitute an application, the officers would need to refer to R10 and R12.

The authorities consider the day on which the Case Processing Centre, Mississauga (CPC-M) receives a completed IMM 1344AE and the correct processing fees as the lock-in age for dependent children.

Pursuant to the provisions specified in A6 (2), the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) has delegated powers and designated certain officials to carry out any purpose of any provisions legislative or regulatory in instrument IL 3 – Delegation and Designation.

For more details on delegated / designated authorities pertaining to sponsorship applications, officers would need to go through section 4 of IP 2.

Situations could arise where parents sponsor two or more dependent children of any age.


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