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The user not need to be aware of how data are encoded in the application.

This naturally follows from the good programming practice of encapsulation.

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(who later became Avaterra, Inc) stepped up and bought the licensing rights and took over the reins.

In 2011 the Dreamscape was still surviving independently as one of the worlds – owned by Stratagem Corporation. One challenge in producing games is to resist the "conceit that all things may be planned in advance and then directly implemented according to the plan's detailed specification".

The best method to manage and maintain such an immense project, they have discovered, was to simply to let the people drive the direction of design and aid them in achieving their desires.

In short the owners became the facilitators as much as designers and implementers.

Players in the same region (denoted by all objects and elements shown on a particular screen) could see, speak (through onscreen text output from the users), and interact with one another.

Interestingly, Habitat was governed by its citizenry.

Each participant ("player") uses a home computer (Commodore 64) as an intelligent, interactive client, communicating via modem and telephone over a commercial packet-switching network to a centralized, mainframe host system.

The client software provides the user interface, generating a real-time animated display of what is going on and translating input from the player into messages to the host.

In conjunction with Electric Communities, the two companies began work on the Worlds Away project (which was codenamed Reno at the time).

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