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Every year great festivities are held there on this day, with millions of pilgrims attending the ceremony.

ℹ️ Santa Justa is a off the beaten path village in Alto Alentejo, in Évora district.

It has a beautiful medieval castle, the only one with 5 corners, where, according to the legend of the miracle of roses, a well-known episode in the history of Portugal took place.

ℹ️ The Roman Ruins of São Tiago Cellas are an archaeological complex located in Alto de Santo Antão, in Belmonte municipality.

ℹ️ São João das Lampas is a town on the coast, north of Lisbon, in Sintra area.

The town stands on top of the rugged coastline overlooking the sea.

ℹ️ Serra da Estrela means “snow” for the majority of the Portuguese people, since it is the only ski resort in the country.

In fact, the snow is a great attraction and during the winter months, when the mountain is covered with a white blanket, it offers breathtaking scenery.Cradle of world history, Portugal is a unique travel destination.It is interesting how such a small country offers such a variety of landscapes, history, architecture and gastronomy.To visit Portugal is a great and unforgettable experience.Portugal tells the history of a country and even a bit of the world, through its historical and archaeological monuments from prehistoric times, with dinosaurs and rock carvings, to the discovery of faraway lands beginning the globalization process through the Discoveries.The Templar Castle and the Convent of Christ (with the famous window in “Manuelino” style) are some of the most important monuments in the history of Portugal.


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