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And, as important, what impact these new devices and “realities” ...

If you still have questions ask to speak to a manager or for any material they may have on the item.

Use the list of questions below as a guide when shopping for a tech related gift this holiday season.

Instead of having a detailed discussion about the project at this initial meet, hungry copywriters often slump into desperation mode.

At the first mention of a payment of any size at all, you’re sticking out your sweaty hand ready to shake on any deal you can get. If you accepted a flat project fee — always preferable to naming an hourly rate — you realize you’re earning less on an hourly basis than you’d get working the counter at Mc Donald’s.

This is usually the enemy of good copy, and can make consensus on a final version hard to achieve. If multiple executives or teams are involved, who has final approval? Otherwise, it may stop with no one, or you may find yourself enmeshed in a power struggle may between several executives who each think the project is theirs. If there’s a study sitting around, get it in your hands. How, specifically, does your product or service help solve their problems? Those bylines can be a great source of new referrals, so it’s worth asking. Does this project require a nondisclosure agreement?

The answer to this question may deliver an instant outline of the points you need to cover. Can you provide me with five descriptive words that define the values you’d like me to convey about your company? Bring a portfolio or tap your website as a way to stand out in the client’s mind compared with other writers. Get clarity about what’s top secret, so you don’t screw up and blab something confidential. Will I be allowed to use this piece as a sample in my portfolio?It’s an exciting time in the life of any freelance marketer or copywriter.Unfortunately, this is also the moment when the seeds of disaster are often sown.This little exercise is invaluable to get prospects to crystallize their corporate values so you can clearly communicate them in the copy. Who are your major competitors, and how is your company different? Online content has a distinctly different format than print, so find out if links need coding. Are you looking for a graphic designer on this project? In today’s interactive age, you may need to integrate QR codes, video, slideshows or other interactivity into what you write. If you have experience with these tools, you should think about raising your fees. If you’re ghostwriting for team members and the company wants that fact kept confidential, it costs you a sample — so the assignment should pay a premium. Are there any restrictions on who else I can work for in your industry? Pay Pal is increasingly common — but that service charges a fee that can be nearly 3 percent.This is your chance to learn that essential element your copy will need to highlight — the client’s unique selling proposition. If so, stand out by offering to tap your rolodex, and possibly also score a project-management fee. Especially beware of any noncompete clauses that extend beyond the term of your project. If a company can pay through Pay Pal, in my view, they can pay via direct bank transfer at no cost to me. How soon can you get me a 50% up-front payment to get started?When my parents purchased me the talking Michelle Tanner doll (Full House) in the early 1990s the only thing they had to be concerned about was how quickly they would become annoyed by my doll chanting “You Got It, Dude,” every time I pushed on her belly.

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