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This is how CNN and other MSM news manipulates their audience…

they use phrases such as “Our Sources Tell Us” or the New York Times says… As if some universally recognized group of experts or large array of journalists passes judgment reliably and unanimously, rather then start with a different presuppositions and different conclusions, they would report more truthfully…They would begin with a true premise, they might arrive at a valid conclusion…

Unfortunately CNN’s viewers who lack familiarity with their bias premise tactics will have no way of knowing when their premises are false..

He is one of the richest TV personalities in the globe today. Presently, Don Lemon is living in his posh residence located in New York city.

We'll miss being home to millions of wonderfully weird and original videos, creators, and fans.

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Trump slammed The New York Times on Monday morning over what he called a “false” story claiming he watches up to eight hours of television a day – while taking yet another swipe at CNN and MSNBC.In his autobiography ‘Transparent’, he mentioned himself as gay.After announcing his status in the memoir, he is treated as a role model for gay men.They then seem to assume that any rational person would join them in their bias premise…Their faith in their own subjective understanding at times seems mind boggling … Without completing the course he moved to New York in 1990, to serve as a news assistant at a flagship television station named award in 2014.

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