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They reflected on the historic implications of the Democratic National Convention. I sit here in a woman's body and no matter what your party affiliation is, what happened here was a big deal.

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“CBS This Morning” co-anchor Charlie Rose led an analysis discussion with producers standing in for the actual contributors who will appear on the night.“Everybody’s here,” CBS News President David Rhodes said as he watched the proceedings on the studio floor.

“Everybody brings something to the conversation.”No one has to cram or do a crash course before show time.

No spoilers here as to which song it is, but it won’t be a happy tune.

She writes about film and television, and edits the Weekend section.

At some point in our future, you'll see a gay president.

It's the forward motion of history, and equality, and freedom and the contribution of all people.

But extra leaves had been added to ensure enough room for the network’s top anchors to take seats Tuesday for what is expected to be an election night for the ages.

Even though it was merely a rehearsal, the “CBS This Morning” studio already radiated the energy that flows through a news operation when the votes have finally been counted after a long and contentious campaign.

In the months leading to the big night, O’Donnell added online stories to a running Google document, giving her access to information on every state that she can share after each poll closes.


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