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Jews, however, accept this analysis not as criticism but rather as a compliment.For Jews, a religion that stresses God’s love even for those who continue to sin too readily takes for granted that men and women can’t be better.

Which means quite clearly that the Jews are not a race.

They are people who share a religion whose ideal is to perfect the world and make all human kind worthy of God’s care and compassion.

From David will eventually come forth the Messiah whose mission is to bring the entire world together as children of one God.

No one can change their race but people can and have, through the ages, chosen to share their lot with the Jewish people.

Israel was always “the promised land” – in Jewish tradition the holiest place on earth.

But Jews long ago learned that their faith transcends boundaries, that with Torah they could find spiritual fulfillment even when they were in exile.

After 2000 years of separation, the Jews miraculously returned to the land promised them by the prophets.

Calling the newly created state “Israel”, Jews became modern day Israelis. There have been 77 past and present Israeli Arab members of the Knesset ever since the first Knesset elections in 1949 and one of Israel's Supreme Court judges is a Palestinian Arab. And Jews living outside of Israel are still Jews – as well as Israelis by way of their shared faith and heritage.

It emphasizes humankind’s great faith in God but diminishes God’s faith in human kind.

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