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"Let's just say that we had to put in private chat," To be fair, it's difficult to produce an online role-playing game that doesn't foster sexual relationships and conversations. "The erotica is just the name of the game."Even though Austen's novels never delve into the sensual details of intimate encounters, her worlds are rife with sexual tension.

Players will still grind in combat with the standard-fare target-locking system of old, there are still quests and crafting and various character classes, including things like being a merchant a politician or a soldier.

As you level up in the ranks you can use your sex appeal to gain favorable positions, thwart the powers that be or ally yourself with an established nation in order to rule all the plebs.

It's a game of cat and mouse -- any player who can see the pair will be able to hear their conversation, so the person with the secret attempts to seclude the other player as he or she tries to gracefully duck out of the conversation."The idea is to give people a little bit of drama and let them continue the role-play," Tyrer says.

"I like to say we throw 'plot bunnies' into people's stories." is packed with atypical quests.

A new MMO is on the horizon (currently in alpha testing) featuring some profound new features: the ability to shag your way to victory.

However, the shagging in Venus Rising isn't like some previous porn – er, sex MMO games, where you beat someone up and shag them.

Two women living together were spinsters, of course."Nobody batted an eyelash at women," Tyrer says.

That means no one in is packed with these subtle interactions governed by a strict Regency rule set; it's romantic, elegant and quietly complex.

Players see someone at the funeral that they're interested in and they have to smile at this person, but it has to be discreet -- this is a funeral in Regency England, after all.

The game's quests are meant to play with relationships in this way, intertwining players' stories with longing looks and whispered promises.

The game secured 0,000 on Kickstarter in December 2013 and it just entered open beta at the end of August.

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