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CEOP says it dealt with 115 cases of children who had been groomed by paedophiles on Facebook last year alone.

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The singer Lily Allen might have declared she's logged off for good, but Facebook attracted 23 million new users in the first month of this year, an astonishing statistic. It's so addictive, you soon find yourself constantly tweeting, texting, messaging, emailing.

Mostly harmless bilge, but for vulnerable teenagers it's a drug that can end in death.

In the past two years, the number of 12- to 15-year-olds with internet access in their bedrooms has soared from 20 to 35 per cent.

These can be miserable, lonely, misunderstood kids.

Innocent, normal kids who took their lives after being bullied on social networking sites. My flippant remarks about the downside of Facebook provoked a huge debate.

Some accused me of being a fuddy-duddy, the cyber equivalent of a grumpy old woman.

Children don't encounter risks at school or at home as a result of the massive amount of health and safety legislation to prevent them getting harmed.

But we seem to have conveniently forgotten that when they sit in front of a computer screen they can be anywhere, doing anything, chatting to anyone. But you can't police texts, messages and images 24 hours a day - it's as bonkers as Facebook trying to filter everything that goes through their website. Facebook, like other social networking sites, believes that users have to self-regulate the world they inhabit online.

But here, she reveals her growing alarm over young Britons' obsession with social networking websites...

A year ago, I wrote 'Life's definitely too short to log on to Facebook'.

The fact is, Facebook is unstoppable, so there's no point in talking about policing it, censoring it or shutting it down. Look at the sheer volume of stuff - more than five billion pieces of content, web links, news stories, blog posts and photos, are shared on the site worldwide each week.


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