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I just love the trio of Kim Jung Hyun, Kim Se Jeong and Jang Dong Yoon so much! the cast,production, directors,it's superb daebak..flow of story was really awesome and I'm still can't move on until now...about the main role cast sejeong and Jung hyung, I can feel thier chemistry was very strong..would be more awesome if both of you really in love like song-song couple... It is a great injustice that it's not included in Top 20. This drama inspires me to do what's right not what's convenient. Although my highschool story was not like school 2017, but I could feel highschool atmosphere in this drama. I think this drama is so fresh with good actors and actress. I keep confusing the School series with Reply 1988, which was a great drama. vibe to him, and Kim Se-Jeong and Jang Dong-Yoon were both excellent as well. For example; TW-daehwi friendship, our other couples' story, and many side characters seems like they're just here for addition, not for strengthen the story... However, as far as the romance is concerned, it wasn't that great. If you're new to kdrama land, then you'll surely say this is the best. No boring (and useless) second male lead syndrome, very strong female lead who hates injustice and knows what is right & wrong, and the romance between both main leads are not the usual lovey-dovey which is why I like them.I hope for the next series the production will take the same actor and actresses and the story of school 2017 will continue.thank you.. i would say the best school drama after school 2013. Other classmate like the chebol kids with good grades, yoo kyung woo and Issues. I wish the PD and writer tell thier story too like School 2013, almost every kids in lee jong suk ,kim woo bin class story are explain well and show friendship and teacher-student relationship. Overall I did enjoyed this drama, but a little dissapointed because i T a School series after all. If they are doing school series again in the future, please bring do tell lead roles classmate story too! This drama makes me feel really good so I love it, I love it, I love it! This is a continuation of a series used by KBS to introduce new talent, and over the years it has been an introductory vehicle for a truly amazing number of actors. It was fun to see Lee Jae-Yong in such a different role from the saguek patriarchs he is always playing. But there are many more interesting dramas out there. This drama portrays the struggle of 18-year-old students well, with so many background stories of each student.

not only you should be proud of them, you will work harder so that they could be proud of you ... All the actors in the drama is looking damn good old ones and young ones also..jung hyun?? ) he is getting more attention...music ost was very nice..room teacher is there a true face for himm..waiting for todays episode....fighting 2017....i just want to mention all the actors name but i dont remember ?

@no name yes, I'm not from Korea but I'm from another country in Asia.

I hope they’d win the “best couple” award for the ‘2017 KBS Drama Awards’ i love sejeong’s voice as a singer & i was really excited to see it, but honestly her acting made me cringe so much. The actors and the actresses were perfect at playing their roles! The main reason why this drama had low rating was mainly because of its plot. I love this drama, so fresh and easy to understand. Sorry not sorry, if only the story didn't focused too much on Eun Ho maybe they'll get better result. I really like this School season, it is the best so far and the fresh new faces have been a really nice surprise.

i followed the school series and this was honestly my least favorite part of the saga. I want more I watcehd this drama after it finished and it takes me only 2 days . Also i love how Kyung Woo always there for Sarang whenever she had hard time and even bring Issue to make Sarang feel happy . I could actually feel the pain, the happiness, the sadness, the confusion, the love that their characters feel. I mean, almost in each accident, there'll be Eun Ho. The newbies have done a great job of keeping everyone entertained with their excellent acting skills and they compliment the more seasoned actors very well.

Definitely a drama worth watching Underrated series but definitely worth watching.

I relate to Tae Woon so much and I love how the relationship between him, Eun Ho and the other characters has developed.I swear my favorite "couple", Sa-Rang, Kyung-Woo, just disappeared and their story never progressed :(. I swear his scenes are useless and dont add the the story at all. It's against my rule of oppadeul fangirling XD Anyway I love the story and the chemistry!! so what if he's just a labourer or a taxi driver, at least he has a decent job, not stealing, murder or conning other people ... this drama proved that all we need is chemistry than fake kiss..chemistry between all cast.... I 'm waited for kiss scene..lastly I'm smile..on.school drama.. The story feels so real for me, good job writer-nim. Whatever about the rank in KR, but I do know that so many international fans love this drama over the world. Thumbs up for Sejeong, she deserve to get the lead role. Anyway, I have watched School 20, but compare with those, I like School 2017 more more and more. whether these series is not in top 20 for me its the top 1 I love these series very very much. Anywayy i really love this drama ❤❤❤ Why is it not ranked? It is relatable for all students having a hard time with their life. Also, I love the fact how the drama perfectly depicts how important values and morals are compared to grades. Actually I quite enjoy this show but after I watch a brillian & superb drama like Secret Forest which cannot even be compared with this one, I quit school 2017. It is bcs sf is too good and the gap w/ school 2017 is too big. I guess since goblin, this is the first drama at 2017 that made me falling love with every plot line they made. Some line stories succeed to made any emotion for viewers. Yeap this drama is not really korean ppl cup of tea, but for me, i really enjoy it, lyke really tho, it is a drama, not a reality show. Coming from an Asian country, I admit that I can totally relate with what the students are going through. However, when you acquaint yourself with amazing people, you won't even feel the pressure that much. Yes it is true that the main characters have the best chemistry (I talk about taewoon&eunhoo), but that is actually what makes this drama has too much clicheness & no stand-out point like other school series. But I admit that this drama is cute, but not that wow. hope to see another drama or movie with KJH and KSJ... :) Idk why im addicted to this drama like 'that' much. Tbh this drama's plot is way too 'doesn't make sense' for korean ppl, that's why it's always NR. Can't wait to watch the next ep ;) Must I say that this drama is really great.The friendship that turns out to be dating without even realizing it.

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