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Greg's knowledge of the history of Pennsylvania German barns is extraordinary.

During the late 19 centuries, English barns were moved onto new foundations to form ground-level stable barns or they were reconfigured around an area to create a barnyard.

The earliest barns seen in the Vermont landscape are English barns, derived from the English settlers, which were characterized by their approximate 30x40 foot dimension, gable roof, and pair of large, hinged doors on the eaves-side wall.

These early barns typically did not have windows or ventilators and were sheathed in vertical boards, as seen in the image below.

Gable-Front Barns: Images courtesy of Thomas Visser.

Bank barns began to replace older barns in the mid-19 century. The basement was accessible from the lower level, while the main floor could be accessed from the upper level, as seen in the image below.

These barns, seen in the images below, had covered high-drive ramps.

Covered High-Drive Bank Barns: Images courtesy of Thomas Visser.

These barns were constructed until the mid-19 century, the old barns proved too small, and farmers began to extend their English barns.

Often several buildings were moved together, as seen in the image on the left, to create one long structure.

Not only did individual features evolve, but the overall style barns evolved over the past two centuries.

And much like a house, many barns even reflected architectural fashions of the time.

Extended English Barns: Images courtesy of Thomas Visser.


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