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Fine, yeah maybe those things can happen but does it end the world? Is your name and face immediately broadcast on every television station with the word “Loser” all over it? (And what’s with the profile pictures in dating apps of guys with their kids?

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She continues to go on about how western women are all big and fat and no Taiwanese guy will ever want them. I went to Taiwan for a three-week holiday and I banged TWO Taiwanese guys. I just read this article about how older women from mainland China are going to Taiwan for a good time and a little nookie with some hot young thang.

I used one of my favorite dating apps, momo, and was overwhelmed with Taiwanese guys chatting with me. His friends are looking for one of his group who is gone. Yea, you read that right, it’s not the men going to search for a piece on the side, but ladies. Even today many marriages in china are not about true love, but are more for convenience, family obligations etc. (For the most part, there are plenty of dogs as well.) But then the fact is that there aren’t a ton of western women and asian guy pairings. I mean, it’s a minority group and I’m a part of it, so why not support it proudly?

Not for someone just looking for a fling it isn’t.) But if he’s smart enough to keep his answers vague, such as a “I have family in Shandong province,” then I can pretend to be naive and assume his “family” only includes his parents, aunts and uncles. In the beginning I would confront a guy who told me he was married but looking to hook-up. I don’t see her often.” Or, “My wife knows I have needs.” And I’ve heard plenty of tales of pregnant women who not only allow, but encourage their husbands to go to prostitutes.

They think showing what a good father they are is a turn-on to women?

I came to Taiwan with a boyfriend, so I didn’t need to look for a date here. This gets one guys attention and he turns around to us and dances with us. But Youtube, the TV of the people, has a ton of asians on it! Check out his Titty Boom Box video: That’s my list of totally shaggable asian youtubers.

However, I found myself wondering about Western girls who did not move to Taiwan with a partner:are they doomed to romantic abstinence? Musics pumping and we kinda dance as we yell into each others ears. Me and my new group of friends laugh, dance with him, we all raise our glasses and cheer.

Even after the hook-up one guy talks to me regularly and has said he wished he could be in a serious relationship with me. I leave behind the table with my in-between friends and I haven’t seen my actual friends since I started his hunt. He continues to kiss my cheek, asking before each time. And ever since the earliest emperor it’s been a sign of prestige for a man to have many wives or mistresses, but the wife should remain pure. It’s getting more and more popular for sure, but even so they are quite rare. Is it PC to say I would chose an asian over a white guy?

Also, I met a British guy who wanted to get in my pants but I said no. There are millions of skinny girls with narrow waists and tiny boobs in Asia. Not to look too desperate or lonely I go back to my friends, chat. We yell into each others ears while talking, getting a little closer than necessary to actually hear. I think he’s gonna go for my mouth but never quite works up the courage. I’m afraid of going down the rabbit hole of forever texting with no moves so after a quick chit-chat I ask him when he is going to take me out to dinner. I know a young couple, in their 20’s who married and had a kid.

If these women were in their home countries they would say something like “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince! This bar is a high-end Shanghai type bar, with 90 kuai overblown “fusion” cocktails with lots of passion fruit and sugar cubes set on fire. But, across the bar I noticed a table full of young guys. I watched them for awhile, across the room, and liked their vibe. Chatting animated and looking around the room, on the prowl. I kinda look at him, tip my glass slightly in his direction with a smile.

” or some other trite saying before going out and meeting more people. But I knew, as a foreign woman, they wouldn’t approach me.

” is the sorry justification I’ve heard again and again.

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