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Ventura County saw the biggest drop, with sales of new and existing homes and condos declining 25.7 percent from October, according to a report from Core Logic.

A total of 714 homes sold in November, compared with 961 in October.

Simi Valley and surrounding areas’ housing inventory remained historically low in 2015, and therefore, with fewer houses to compete with, sellers still got market value for their homes, sometimes more, if marketed and priced strategically,” Rector said.

Stan Rector and Associates is a full- service real estate business operating with the brokerage Troop Real Estate.

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Their high-tech, high-touch platform provides on-demand client service and expertise that the majority of real estate agents strive to achieve.

Despite the real estate crash of 20, the real estate professionals have achieved an admirable level of accomplishment. At that time, we became certified distressed property experts and learned how to negotiate with banks, negotiators, investors and asset managers.

“Achieving Platinum Level for our 2015 production was not only a milestone for our business, it signified that we helped to make a difference in the lives of more families than ever before.

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