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But of all the movies that were released in 2012, which feature's trailer received the most hits on You Tube?

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These are the titles we see in theaters and leave saying, “Man, I wish that was better.” Though the GIF is now 25 years old, the raw animation format is having a moment in 2012.

This internet sensation has been the source of countless memes as well as a way to succinctly capture our favorite pulp culture moments, and express oh-so-many feelings.

And undoubtedly, the movies of 2012 were overflowing with massive moustaches, billowing beards and even some eye-catching eyebrows.

So, we've picked some of the boldest facial hair statements for a very special top ten list.

The show began on Showtime before the Sy Fy Channel (then then Sci-Fi Channel) picked it up and kept it going for 10 seasons.

The show developed the universe established in the film way more than the original film, and introduced the SG program of earth soldiers that would explore new worlds using other stargates while fighting against the Goa'uld.

This year, the industry’s top action directors choreographed breathless scenes in dingy Indonesian tenements, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, in cramped European hotel rooms and beneath the streets of Gotham City. Looking back a year full of movies you have to remember the bad with the good.

We can celebrate the best of the best and express our love and appreciation for them, but for the sake of balance it’s important to look back at the ones that we expected more from – the ones that didn’t deliver on expectations or hopes.

As we put a cap on the cinematic year, we wanted to go back and single out the duos who turned our heads with combustible on-screen chemistry.


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